MM Aviation’s success rests on the knowledge and expertise held by our employees – so we are always looking for bright minds. MM Aviation is developing information systems for ATC (Air Traffic Control) and flight operations and can offer a multi discipline environment to work in. The right candidates will be able to utilise this and grow to their full potential in the company.

The aviation industry demands us to deliver products and services to high standards of quality, complying with aviation industry regulations whilst remaining competitive on price and performance

We are primarily seeking people with some years of relevant experience. To be considered you must, as a minimum, master the English language fluently in addition to relevant education and experience. We work systematically to make MM Aviation an exciting, attractive and evolving workplace. It is important for us to attract the right competence, to use these skills optimally and to ensure that we continually develop our employees.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about careers or career development at MM Aviation.

(All enquries about careers at MM Aviation are treated as confidential)

Current Positions

Software Engineer, Aberdeen

We have an exciting opportunity for a software engineer to join our team. This new position will allow the successful candidate to assist in the…

Software Engineer

Take part in the development of advanced systems design and software for ATC (Air Traffic Control), information systems and integration with remote tower applications. We…