MM Aviation is a world-leading supplier of:

  • AeroMET; “Semi-Automatic Meteorological Observation Systems” (SAMOS) for all airport sizes 
  • Real time, in cockpit “In-Flight Information Services” (IFIS) for both fixed and rotary wing aircrafts

MM Aviation was founded in 2016 with the objective of specialising in developing aviation related services for meteorological data. The company is formed as a spinoff from two companies with several years of experience in the field:

Miros AS (founded in 1984)

Design, manufacturing, installation and support of:

Offshore MetOcean sensors and systems including:
Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS)

Muir Matheson Ltd (founded in 1974)

Design, manufacturing, installation and support of:

Off/on-shore Met/MetOcean systems including:
Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS)
Airport Weather Observation Systems (AWOS)

We have combined design, development, engineer and support offices in:

Aberdeen, Scotland

MM Aviation is part of the Aircontact Group AS, a Norwegian privately owned holding company within travel, aviation, support services and offshore-, maritime- and bio-technology. The Group and its affiliates has approximately 500 employees, annual turnover of USD 650 million and 35 locations across Scandinavia and United Kingdom. As part of Aircontact Group, all MM Aviation employees adhere to the Group’s Code of Conduct, forming a framework for responsible conduct and defining the personal responsibility of employees through a combination of general principles and specific requirements. 

We are constantly working to improve our products and services to ensure that we keep our position as a world-leading supplier within our field.