NATS New SAMOS User Interface

January 2018. Project delivery: June 2018

MM Aviation is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a contract with NATS UK, for the installation of our latest product MM SAMOS User Interface. MM SAMOS UI will be installed in the control tower at several major airports where NATS provides ATC services, across the UK and with the first sites completed by the end of Q2-2018.

The SAMOS (Semi-Automated Meteorological Observation System) collect data from weather sensors located across the airport and process and present this to ATC (Air Traffic Controllers) and pilots according to aviation standards and regulations, which enables NATS to provide verified "Auto" observations.

Photo1: Manchester RWY, MM Aviation met sensors (photo MM Aviation)
Photo2: Stanstead TWR (photo NATS)

Wiking Helicopters

December 2017. Project delivery: March 2018

MM Aviation has been awarded a contract with Wiking Helicopters GMBH, a German heli-operator operating helicopters supporting windfarms off the coast of Essex, UK. Wiking will operate from Great Oakley Airfield in Suffolk (South West of Harwich). MM Aviation will upgrade the airfield with our renowned Auto and Semi-auto METAR system. MM Aviation is responsible for the entire installation including ground works, sensor installations, cloud aggregation and processing of data, support and maintenance.

MM Aviation is also installing IFIS, In-flight Information System, as an integral part of the services. IFIS will offer the Wiking pilots in-cockpit live information about the weather status at Great Oakley plus alternates. This will enable the pilots to plan their return flights opting for landings at secondary airfields, Wattisham (EGUW) or Southend (EGMC), if visibility and weather does not permit landing at the primary (Great Oakley).